Friday, 7 August 2015

Teen undergoes surgery... to have drugs removed from her vagina

Miranda Baldonado faces multiple charges after she and two other drug traffickers were pulled over in Arizona
A DRUG smuggler went under the knife to have a stash of heroin surgically removed from her vagina.
Miranda Baldonado, 19, was caught with two accomplices in the US state of Arizona.

She was travelling in a car with convicted drug trafficker Michael Torrez and fellow suspect Sarah Valencia, 19, when they were pulled over by cops.
Sniffer dogs found a condom packed with heroin, and it soon became apparent both Baldonado and Valencia were hiding additional drugs inside their private parts.
Valencia managed to remove her packet of heroin unaided, but Baldonado required medical assistance to get her stash out.
Police officers in Yavapai County recovered more than a pound-and-a-half of heroin in total.
Deputies pulled the Chrysler PT Cruiser over and began searching the vehicle because “they were unable to answer basic questions that a group of passengers sharing a destination would commonly know,” states the local sheriff’s office.
The three people, all from New Mexico, have been charged with multiple offences, including possession and transportation of narcotics for sale.

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