Friday, 4 September 2015

PHOTOS;Tanker Explosion Rocks Aba Owerri Road

According to Daily Sun report, the tanker which was fully loaded with gas was coming out of a fueling station and had a brake failure. The driver was trying to divert to the other lane when the tanker exploded.
The explosion occurred opposite Universal Oil Nigeria Limited/ Concordia Oil Fueling station near Onwuka nails Abayi Aba, Osisioma local government area.

 Recounting what happened, one of the shop owner’s who witness the explosion said: “I was at the shop and next thing we saw, a tanker failed brake and hit at the road demarcation which led the breaking of the tanker it self and before we know it the gas which the tanker was conveying flow throw the tared road to the other side of the road our shop; as you can see this is the Charcoal which catch the fire that led to the explosion of the tanker it self.”
Fortunately, no life was lost, though a few people sustained injuries.

More Photos:
 Tanker explosion

 The heap of coal which caught fire

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